Vision :

To spread qualitatively equipped higher education along with vocational literary and humanitarian values through this institution, keeping pace with the global challenges of the future, building such citizens who contribute in the motion of the creation of a secular nation and thereby establish its distinctive identity.

Mission :

To provide ample opportunities of the best education in the fields of Literature and Commerce along with the overall development of the intellectual, physical and mental units of the youths of such socially educationally, economically, backward and boarder

To inculcate professional commitment , highest moral values and implant such human values that will enable them to achieve the efficiency as an ideal citizen of the nation and to equip (prepare) them to face the challenges of the future by providing structural facilities to achieve research targets through this institution.

To empower, Girls’ education along with social, cultural and natural values and developing leadership qualities to carve a distinctive personality in the society through the means of this institution.


  • Qualitative education with vocational and humane values.
  • Intellectual, physical and spiritual development of youth.
  • Emphasis on high moral value
  • Empowerment of women through value education