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 “Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain, but what enters into our being, colours our emotion, haunts our soul, and is as close to us as life itself”.

– Dr. Saruapalli Radhakrishnan


We are now in the threshold of the 21st century. To enter into it, we have to evolve and adopt entirely new approaches in education and equip ourselves to face the new challenge so there was a need for educational institutions to seek new visions embraces social missions that address regional needs and educate students from rural and disadvantaged background of Radhanpur Taluka. “Shri Amarjyot Education Trust”s is only organization rendering significant service in Education, Social and Literary sphere since its inception in 1992. It was founded by a great Visionary and Philanthropist, well known scholar, writer, social worker   and Ex-Speaker, 8th Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Late Shri Himmatlal Mulani to lead the educationally and economically backward area on the path of knowledge and progress. The incessant efforts and efficient management of the trust lead by the Founder President late Shri Himmatlal Mulani, enabled the progress of the institution in a fast pace.

Shri Amarjyot M.Ed. College was started with the ultimate motive to function a reputable educational institution which is dedicated to the cause of Quality Education to the students during their impressionable year. It is a Co-educational college affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujatat University, Patan and recognized by NCTE, Bhopal and Government of Gujarat. Amarjyot M.Ed. College has developed phenomenally in the year 2008 to be recognized as a premier post-graduate college in the North Gujarat today.

Education is based on the premise that knowledge does not give rise to the character of a culture. Rather culture determines knowledge, Education through the process of transmitting societal values prepares the young for their social inheritance. It is true that the Power of mind is like the rays of the sun dissipated. When they are concentrated they illumine.  It is the need of time that educational institutions take a step inculcating a feeling of responsibility towards the society in the young students. With this mind, our education department works as a team to develop good culture and discipline among students.

Details of Students

Details of Students

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1.             Facilities for games and sports

The College has its own playground for out-door games. Sometimes the playground is used for conducting football and cricket match in regional level. There are facilities for athletics. There are good facilities for indoor games such as Carrom, Badminton, Chess, Ludu. All the necessary materials for these games are available in the college.

2.             Hostel

A Separate well-furnished, safe & secure Boy’s and Girl’s Hostel are situated within the campus. The hostel facilities are of high quality and well equipped. It can accommodate more then 300 students. The hostel has highly hygienic and elegant mess facility for students.

All the rooms are spacious and well ventilated with windows covered with net. Top priority is given to hygiene and cleanliness in toilets, bathrooms and wash areas. We have given full freedom to our students in matters of studies and all the facilities are provided accordingly. The whole campus is under round the clock security, with more than 5 security guards.

The Facilities provided for each students are – cot with mattress, a study table, a chair and a book self in their respective rooms. Each room has   attached bathrooms.

Faculty members work as wardens and monitoring these facilities, hygiene, discipline so that the inmates have a happy stay. Members of the teaching staff are also appointed as Resident Tutors in the hostel.

3.             Library

We have well equipped and furnished library and reading room. It is the most important inevitable facility of the education system.  Library has a rich collection of books, reference books, journals and magazines. Library is continuously updated with new books and journals for the benefit of students and faculties.   Library is fully computerized and Unlimited Internet Access is available for Staff Members and Students.   There is a reading room in the library with a sitting capacity of 50 students, which remains open and available to the students from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Books are arranged subject wise such as Philosophy, Sociology, Research Methodology, Information Technology, Guidance and Counseling and psychology Testing.

Our library is still in childhood. But it has made a lot of progress. In our library there are modern reference books, dictionaries in English and Gujarati, Encyclopedias of educational psychology, Educational Research, Educational Technology, Statistics.

4.             Educational Technology Lab

We have well equipped E. T. lab which is needed for the all round development of teacher trainees. We have equipments like Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, VCD Player, Video Camera, Laminated white Board, Screen, Trolley, Educational Slides, Television, LCD projector, transparencies, audio cassettes, C.D. of different subjects, DVD player, etc.

 5.            Psychology Lab

A psychology lab has been established in this college. The equipment available in the psychology lab are fork dexterity and finger dexterity, set of Increasing order weight, card sorting tray, Vyukt kramya figure, Mc Duggal disc, Myular Lyar apparatus, blind goggles, aesthestometer, various experimental charts etc. Various psychological tests are such as Intelligence tests, Interest Inventory, Attitude tests, Aptitude test, Personality tests, Language Creativity test, Social Economic Status Scale, Adjustment Inventory, Desai Manifest Anxiety Scale, Speed and Accuracy test, Parents Attitude Scale, Vocational Interest Inventory, Achievement Motivation Inventory, etc which are used by the students for their practical work.

6.             Science Laboratory

The science laboratory is developed in the college to develop the practical attitude of the student. Different instruments like simple Microscope model, simple Telescope Model, Human Eye, Magnetic compass, Amoeba, Fiber model, paramecium model, different charts, Scientific Balance, distillation apparatus set, stop-clock, wind-mill model, spring balance, different glass apparatus, electric motor model, fuse model, nuclear reactor model, microscope, etc.  

7.             Computer Lab

Now – a – days computers are playing very important role in every field. So, it is the necessity of today to get acquainted with the computers. Keeping in mind this requirement we provide the computer education to our students. We have well-furnished computer laboratories with internet facility.

We have adequate number of computers with latest configuration and multimedia facility. We have high tech internet and intranet facilities. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and programming in a variety of languages. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the Internet. There are a variety of specialized educational programs also installed in the computers. Students may work in the lab on subject-related projects, under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

We impart education through innovative techniques, using educational CD’s and multimedia. We boost up the students for the use of more projects using the internet facilities, encyclopedias and multimedia.      We have more than 25 computers with scanner, colour printers and multimedia kits. The computers are connected by LAN (Local Area Network) facility.

8.             Guidance and Counseling:

The students can freely approach the concerned members for guidance and counseling regarding both academic and personal problems.

 9.            Complaint Box:

Any Complaint can be written and put in this box. The complaint will be dealt with immediate and necessary actions will be taken at the earliest. 

8.            Activities 2016-17

  • Women Law Guidance Seminar
  • Green and Clean Drive
  • Planting of Saplings
  • Literacy Awareness Programs
  • Law Awareness Programs
  • Medical Camps
  • Social Awareness Relies
  • Blood Donation /Thalassemia Test Camp
  • Trophy Distribution
  •   Talent Search Examinations
  •   Educational Seminars
  •   Cultural Programs
  •   Student Guidance Seminar
  •   Almonry for Needy  
  •   Traditional Gujarati Folk Cultural Program

9.            Alumni

Name of President :  

Kakkad Krunal Jagdishchandra

Committee Members

  1. Thakkar Kiritkumar Bhudarlal
  2. Gadhavi Nareshdan Prabhudan
  3. Parmar Rajeshbhai Kantibhai
  4. Panchal Girishkumar Kuberbhai
  5. Parmar Ganpatbhai Nanjibhai
  6. Kansara Roshniben Kanubhai
  7. Pandya Hiralal Chhaganbhai
  8. Dave Vivekkumar Gautamkuma